Training Services:


At Penley Horsemanship, we provide a high quality and individualized training program to fit you and your horse’s needs with all training completed by Jared and Cara Penley.  Each horse is allowed to develop at their own speed and we encourage participation from the owner to give the tools necessary for success post training.  In order to ensure your horse leaves with the needed tools for success, a minimum of 90 days training is required.  We offer the following training services: 


Colt Starting:  Each horse is started with abundant ground work to mentally prepare them to be backed for the first time.  The horse is moved along at their own pace as the approach may be different depending on what the horse responds to.  All of the young horses are trained through understanding and not fear.  Therefore, you end up with a willing and trusting young horse that will accept pressure and who will excel whether you are out on a trail or performing in an arena.


  • 30 days: Ground work, intro to bridling/saddling, backing, and walk, trot, lope in the round pen, possible trail riding.

  • 60-90 days: Additional ground work, arena work, versatility/obstacle work, and trail riding.  As the horse develops, finish work is added (neck reining, side passing, sliding stop, roll backs, leads, etc.)


Foundation Work:  Similar to colt starting, foundation training starts with ground work to determine any holes within the horse’s basic understanding of pressure.  Training evolves to mastering elementary movements under saddle so horses can be successful leading into their specific discipline.  Our program ensures that any missing components are understood and addressed.


Mounted Shooting:  Training ranges from introducing horses to gunfire, pattern work, speed work, or a combination thereof.  Horse must be broke to walk, trot, lope, and neck rein or additional training will be required prior to introduction of mounted shooting.


Problem Horses:  Training for horses with all types of behavioral issues.  We will start from the basics to determine the root of the problem and create an individualized program to solve the issue, which may include, but is not limited to: 


  • Trailer loading/tying

  • Confidence, aggression, or anxiety  issues

  • Bucking, rearing, bolting, refusing

  • Issues on the trail

  • Barn/buddy sourness

  • Arena/gate issues

General Training:  Please contact us for any other training needs you may have whether it be a general tune up or conditioning your horse for the upcoming competition season.  We work with all breeds, including gaited horses.

~We want to emphasize that all horses are allowed to develop at their own speed. Some horses progress at a faster rate than others.  We will work with you and your horse to determine the right training program for both of you.

~Please contact us for training rates and fees~