Jared & Cara are 100% dedicated toward bringing the rider and horse together in both a pleasure, or a competitive environment. I’ve seen them help problem horses and riders, and over time shape them to become competent and safe. From a mounted shooting competition perspective, they understand both the horsemanship, shooting, and mental game needed to compete and win. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to become a better rider, or a more competitive mounted shooter.

Drew Wallace

Wonderful experience! Amazing people!

Four months ago, we started our journey to find an upper level shooting horse for our 16 year old twin boys who are excelling in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. On the recommendation of some very good friends, we made contact with Jared and Cara. My first conversation with Jared set the tone. He wasn’t interested in ‘selling us a horse’, he made it clear that he and Cara wanted to help us ‘find a new partner’. We talked about our riding styles and goals, the Penley training philosophy, and their combined experience in the sport. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet in person a month later and discussed a few of their project horses that were coming along. Our interest in visiting their ranch was met with open arms. We made the trip to NH from Ohio with the expectation of spending an couple of hours riding two of the prospects - little did we know that they had a full day planned for us. Indoor riding, trail riding, and even some shooting practice! A truly amazing experience that made it much easier to make a decision on which horse was best suited for us and vice-versa. ‘Smart Smokes Playboy’ was the one for us! We decided on three months of additional training so he could mature a little further. Another great experience - regular communication with Jared was greatly appreciated. Playboy arrived in Ohio today via horse transport and we couldn’t be happier. He walked off the truck with confidence and settled into his new surroundings like a champ. He has a good foundation, however it’s very clear that the care and training he received were key in his ability to make this transition so smoothly. We’re excited for what the future holds and will be forever grateful to Jared and Cara for entrusting us with Playboy’s future.

Dave Vrh

After a major accident I had lost a lot of confidence with my beloved Arabian horse, Gizmo. Gizmo was a starvation abuse rescue horse and had come a long way just to make him a good trail horse. When I asked him to step it up and be my partner for Mounted Shooting, he was hesitant at first but with persistence he began to enjoy travelling and competing, but just had never been trained to use his hind end, and he carried most of his weight in the front, which led to the accident with him doing a somersault with me on his back after a small trip he had while running the rundown. At the time I did not know what the problem was that was causing Gizmo to stumble occasionally and use his front end to stop himself from a run. I asked Jared to watch me ride him and see what was going on. I was nervous riding Gizmo and contemplating competing because I did not want another accident. I was pleasantly surprised when Jared told me what he was doing and excited to hear it was something that could be fixed. I sent Gizmo home with Jared for 30 days training. The next time I got on Gizmo, it was like he was an entirely different horse. The way he moved and engaged his hind end was an amazing transformation. My confidence seemed to return to me almost immediately. I had one on one lessons with Jared and learned how to continue working with Gizmo to keep this training fresh in his and my mind. The next competition I rode Gizmo in felt so different and he was running as smooth as one could ask for. I have had so many compliments on how beautiful Gizmo now runs, and the confidence both that I have and that Gizmo has, has risen 10 fold. I am eternally grateful to Jared for taking Gizmo and working with him and transforming him into the amazing horse he has become. I also want to mention that I had thought about sending Gizmo for training but was hesitant about it because Gizmo being a rescue, has had difficulties in trusting men and his attitude when a male is on his back has not been good. From the moment Jared got on his back, Gizmo accepted him and listened to him almost immediately. I knew at that moment that Gizmo would be in good hands and he would feel safe. Thank you Jared!!!

Mary Chambers

I found my pony at Penley's! Couldn't buy a 15.3 mounted shooting horse on the East Coast, so Jared helped me make one! Found the prospect. Trained him 3 months, both trails & arena. My lessons helped me build new skills to match my horse. I am so happy with the results, I'm riding 6x a week!

Steve Roy

I went out to the Triple G Farm today to watch Jared work with my daughters horse Graham. Graham came to Ali one year ago. He is a 5 year old Quarter horse gelding who is very frightened of humans making him very dangerous at times. Many have told Ali to give up and consider putting him down. This is not an option for her. She did as much as she could to help Graham to become a trusting horse but knew her limits. She needed someone to take Graham to the next level. This is when Ali found Triple G Farm and Jared Penley.
I was amazed watching Jared work with Graham. I have been around horses for most of my 55 years of life. I have always been intrigued by training methods. I have had the honor to watch many famous trainers. From Monty Roberts, Buck Brannaman, John Lyons, Pat Parelli, Lynn Palm and others.
Some of their methods I have liked and some not so much. I loved how Jared worked with Graham.
I feel confident in Jared's methods. He will be the best shot for Graham. I look forward to going out to the farm and watch Grahams progress. It has only been one week and you can see how far Graham has come along in his session today. Jared has such a calming confident manner.


Karen Chipman

My horse just finished up 60 days of cowboy mounted shooting training along with working on trailer loading and some water crossing issues. Jared is a talented trainer and so thoughtful about his approach with my horse. He made me feel really safe riding him in my first competition so I could focus on my shooting. Unlike trainers I had used in the past, he really listened to what I wanted from my horse and didn't try to add speed just because it was there. He kept him smooth and collected, which is what I asked for. Yesterday, I loaded my horse calmly into my trailer with no additional help required. I had never been able to do that and I was thrilled. Jared takes the time that it takes to do it right and is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. My horse came back well trained, but more importantly he gave me a new view of how intelligent my horse is. He gave me the skills to continue working on my horsemanship and keep up the awesome training he had done (which is the most important part!). I wish Jared were closer, as I would continue taking lessons from him on a regular basis if he was. I cannot recommend a better person to work with your horse and unlock their potential.

Laura DeMaio Roy

I first met Jared Penley when I volunteered my horse for Jared's introductory clinic at Almost There Farm.  My horse had the "free horse" history and I was searching for a new avenue to help us.  There are no secrets or "behind the barn" tactics with Jared. He is honest and up front in his individual training with horses, and in communication with owners.  He took my spoiled, no boundaries, 20 year old Arabian horse and gave him an education that makes me proud.  My horse Kane (now coming 22) has transformed into a dependable partner I will take anywhere and do anything with!  He's perfect on the trail, is happy to school in the arena, and has been to the beach, up to his chest in waves.  I asked Jared about mounted shooting with Kane, and Jared replied "why not"?  Kane was trucked to several shoots and did exhibition runs successfully. For me, it was wonderful to see a real horseman with no preconceived notions or breed prejudice ride my senior Arabian horse giving him respect and the benefit of the doubt in all situations.  I recommend him to anyone who is seriously seeking a quality trainer for their horse, any breed, any discipline.  He will not steer you wrong, he is patient and honest.  I am proud to call Jared and his wife Cara friends.

Anne Paquin

I sent 2 horses to Jared, 1st one had been previously sent out and ended up with the wrong trainer, not a bad barn just the wrong match for this particular horse and when I let the owner of the facility know things were not working out I was not listened to and neither was my horse, thus my horse I had since he was a baby and was always lovable and laid back, the horse I could throw a saddle on and casually walk around, the horse that would follow me anywhere now became unsur...e and unsettled as well as untrusting, this made him very dangerous. I had about given up hope as trainer after trainer came to meet him with nothing less than horrific results, then I figured I had nothing to lose by posting an ad to see if I could find someone who knew a "special" someone and Jared's name came through so I gave it a shot. It was amazing, Jared came out to meet my boy and with patience, understanding and "listening" to me and my horse we knew Jared was the one. After 3 months with Jared my guy started to come around but he was a very difficult case & it has been over a year since he left Jared & it feels so good to have my horse not be dangerous and fearful and back to the calm boy he once was. So of course when I was offered this horses full brother who was an untouched 7 yr old, Jared offered to come with me to meet him & pick him up to start him for me, he spent 3mths with Jared and is one of the best horses ever. Jared starts a horse correctly every time, he knows different horses have different needs and knows how to listen to the horse and it's human. Jared is honest & will not lead you on and tell you he can magically make your horse perfect for you, he tells it like it is. I have yet to this day met anyone like Jared & he is the only person I would trust to start or fix issues with any of my herd.

Rose McLaughlin

Jared has helped me in so many ways! Evaluate, select, buy, sell horse(s). I love my horse although he has some particular personality traits. Jared has helped me establish - and later reinforce - good communication with my horse, helped me understand the horse’s communication with me, helped tremendously with my confidence, and as a result my relationship with my horse. No matter your discipline, that is Jared’s top priority – your connection with your horse.

Erin Corsair Lineberry

Jared starting working with my QH mare last year.  When she arrived she wasn't sure how to carry her head, not focusing on her job and not confident in herself.  After a short time with Jared she has transformed into a different horse.  She is relaxed, focused and she has become more than I ever imagined she could be.  Jared's patient, gentle and consistent style worked wonders for her, and to top it off, she absolutely adores him!  I would not hesitate to give Jared my highest recommendation if you need a trainer.  



Susan Robidoux

I thought Jared was patient and kind. He has a lot of confidence and easily puts horse and rider at ease. His natural horsemanship style is awesome and he works at a pace that is consistent with your ability and helps your goals become attainable. I would highly recommend him. I wish he lived closer to me!! Great guy with a whole bunch of knowledge and experience.

Angela Osgood

My horse was in for 60 days of mounted shooting training, neck reining, and more. Jared even rode my horse in her first shooting event. I can't say enough about Jared and his calm and patient demeanor working with horses. I would highly recommend him!

Becky Hunt Ricketts

Highly recommend Jared for any horse training. Bought my second horse from him and it has been amazing to work with such a wonderful, caring trainer. If your looking for a trainer who will include you, the horse owner, then Jared is the guy!!

Janice Lalmond Hagan

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