Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a time-based competition that requires speed, accuracy, and horsemanship!  Horse and rider navigate a course of ten targets (balloons) in an arena.  Riders shoot the balloons with two .45 caliber single action revolvers, loaded with five rounds each of black powder blanks.  After a shooter fires the fifth shot, he or she returns the empty revolver to a holster, pulls the second revolver, and proceeds to the next set of five targets.  In addition to a shooters raw time, penalties are added for each missed balloon in addition to penalties for dropped guns, knocked down barrels, etc.  Each missed target adds five seconds and penalties run from five to ten seconds each.  The competition is broken into rounds or “stages” with a different course for each stage.  A maximum time of 60 seconds is given for each stage.  There are over 80 approved courses that are selected at random for each competition.  The contestant with the fastest accumulated time wins.

Jared and Cara are active members of the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA). Both compete at the highest professional level as a Mens and Ladies Level 6.  Below are photos of both Jared and Cara in action!

What is Cowboy Mounted Shooting?

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