Penley Horsemanship provides instruction for multiple topics including:

  • Horsemanship/General Riding

  • Mounted Shooting:  Instruction on exposing your horse to gunfire, pattern work, shooting work, or a combination thereof.

  • Round Pen and Ground Work


Lessons are taught by both Jared and Cara; Jared trains the horses and Cara trains the people!  All levels of riders and horses are welcome and we promise to find a lesson schedule/format that works the best for you.  Our goal is to help you create a partnership between you and your horse that will lead to success in any aspect of your riding career. 


Please Note:  Lessons are taken on your own horse as we do not have lesson horses. 


Lesson Costs:


  • Group Lesson (3-6 riders): $35/hr.

  • Semi-Private (2 riders): $50/hr.

  • Private Lesson: $70/hr.