Penley Horsemanship Teams 

We pride ourselves in matching horse and rider to create a great mounted shooting partnership. Below are photos of our Penley Horsemanship teams that purchased a shooting horse from us.  Thank you everyone for your business! 


Lisa Jones and I Nu Cuttin Wood
Katrina Gurule and Deva Blue Solano
Jim Urbanski and TLJ Dualamidge
The Vrh Family and Smart Smokes Playboy
Molly Wilson and Fancy Disco Cat
Charlie Brown and Royal Sun Badger
Becky Ricketts and AC Smart Shine
Cowgirl Annie and Cooper
Steven Roy and Joe
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Jared and Cara Penley


Mailing Address: 37699 Saltwell Rd., Lisbon, OH 44432

Training Location: 49053 Fredricktown Clarkson Rd., Negley, OH 44441  

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