Why Natural Horsemanship?

At 15, Jared started working for a Tennessee Walking Horse show barn in western North Carolina.  Jared was the colt man, which meant he was the first one to back and gentle the younger horses.  The approach was to tie, saddle, and keep the horses moving forward with no previous groundwork.  He found this created flighty horses and inconsistent results, which made him search for alternative training methods. 

At 17, Jared decided to branch out and lease a facility in the local area to start his own training program.  It was at this time he switched from English to Western riding and was first introduced to round pen and ground work by another local trainer.  While Jared was interested in his methods, he felt the other trainer's approach was rough and demanding, which created a reaction from the horse based in fear.  At that point, he was determined to find a softer approach and work with his horses through gaining trust and willingness; something he found to be extremely successful and rewarding.  

Jared continued his education into the world of horsemanship when he accepted a job offer as the head colt starter and overseer of the breeding program at a ranch south of Tucson, AZ, where he was in charge of managing 50 head of training horses out of the main herd, which consisted of 126 head.  For four years Jared enjoyed the opportunity of working with a vast array of different breeds and personalities while continuing to learn and develop his natural horsemanship training techniques.

Throughout his experiences, Jared learned that in order for a horse to excel, each one needs a solid foundation built through trust and respect, which creates a willing mindset.  It is these principles that Jared brings to Penley Horsemanship.  His goal is to bring true horsemanship to the Northeast and teach people how to create a lasting relationship with their equine partner.