Penley Horsemanship provides clinics on a variety of topics including our three-step horsemanship series, cowboy mounted shooting, versatility/obstacles, and ground work.  Clinics are taught by both Jared and Cara Penley and are open to all levels of horse and rider.

Performance Horse Foundation Clinic: 

Two-day clinic geared towards the foundational performance work needed to compete at your highest level! When competing in disciplines that require both speed and agility from their horses, riders will need to perfect their maneuvers such as lope departures, flying lead changes, rollbacks, and barrel turns to create a balanced and willing horse. In addition, riders will learn how to control their horse’s feet throughout the weekend by isolating forehand and hindquarter movement through ground and mounted exercises.


Mounted Shooting Horsemanship Clinics:  


Beginner Clinic:  Introductory clinic for individuals interested in learning about the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. No previous experience in the sport necessary! Clinic is broken into three sections centered on 1) proper gun handling and ground shooting 2) introduction of horses to gunfire and 3) pattern work. Must have your own horse to participate. Guns and holsters are provided.


Advanced Clinic:  Geared towards course management/efficiency and relationship/confidence building between horse and rider.  As a rider, it is easy to get lost in improving your shooting and forget the importance of a smooth and efficient course (which will improve your shooting!).  Participants will gain tools in analyzing courses to set them and their horse up for success.  Great for the upper-level rider looking to run a faster course or the lower-level rider looking to better analyze their lines.  Horse must be broke to gunfire to participate.


Horsemanship Obstacle Clinics: 


Fun-filled day of obstacle training with you and your horse centered on horsemanship.  Horses will be exposed to multiple obstacles such as a cowboy curtain, water crossing, gates, and anything else you can come up with!  Clinic is designed to give the rider tools to navigate new obstacles with a calm and willing horse. 

Ground Work Clinics: 


Clinic focused on gaining control of your horse's feet from the ground using natural horsemanship techniques. Participants will learn multiple ground work exercises to teach their horse to be respectful and mentally engaged. Great opportunity for those looking to take a young horse off property in a controlled environment, for horses who can be pushy or high-energy, or for individuals looking for ways to keep your horse fit and engaged when riding is not an option. Clinic will work on leading, line work, bridle softening, round pen work, and much more!

On-Ranch Clinics: A majority of our clinics are offered throughout the spring, summer, and fall at our facility in Salem, OH.  Click HERE for upcoming clinics and dates.  We encourage both participants and auditors to attend!  To reserve a spot in any clinic, please send an email to Cara Penley at or message us on the website or facebook.

Off-Ranch Clinics:  We are also happy to travel to your facility.  Please contact us with any topics you are interested in and for additional information.

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